future family starter


Future Family Starter is one of the top surrogacy agencies which helps guide those who wish to become parents through surrogacy’s challenging and often intimidating path to parenthood. We offer a true partner in the process, assisting you with equal knowledge and care, and allow you to focus your emotions and energies not on the exhaustive deliberations and procedures accompanying surrogacy laws and arrangements, but instead on your preparation to welcome a new child into your family. We work with both traditional and nontraditional couples, and believe deeply that a parent’s love, care, and responsibility are the most important predeterminants to raising a happy, healthy child.

The decision to pursue a surrogacy arrangement is one of great emotional intensity and complexity. It creates equal feelings of hope and worry, of pride and humility, and of agency and vulnerability. Surrogacy requires a profound level of trust, of faith, and, perhaps above all, of love. It serves as a dream made possible, a sacred opportunity, but also a tremendous chance, one filled with both possibility and risk.

Further, in the midst of such a dizzying array of stress and joy, the process to complete a surrogate pregnancy can be unbearably daunting. The obstacles seem overwhelming. And endless.

There’s the patchwork, jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction legal environment, which creates an absence of regulation that can expose hopeful parents and surrogates to fraud and broken agreements.

Or the uncertainty of choosing a surrogate mother or egg donor, occasionally one whom you’ve never met in person, and which is often matched through an online dating service-style profile.

You must also navigate insurance policies, a selection of physicians and clinics, and trust the surrogate to keep all commitments to medical appointments and lead a lifestyle which supports a healthy child.

And finally, in addition to securing a successful delivery, you still must execute the necessary legal procedures to secure your status as the child’s parent.

This process challenges and distracts at a time when parents should focus on one thing and one thing only: preparing to welcome a child into the world with love, warmth, and care.