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Fred Silberberg

“I want to provide a working environment that both traditional and non-traditional parents will feel safe in, and be willing to confide in. I don’t want them to feel encumbered by the surrogacy process. Parents’ energies should be focused on preparing to welcome a new life into their family. I want to give them that freedom, to focus on becoming parents, rather than merely surviving the complexities of the process.”
– Fred Silberberg, Founder, Future Family Starter

Fred Silberberg is Founder of Future Family Starter.

He is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California and has been practicing family law exclusively for the past 26 years. Leaving the downtown Los Angeles law firm of Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP in 1991 to begin his own practice, Fred ultimately co-founded Silberberg & Ross in 2002, a firm specializing in complex family legal matters. Fred serves as the firm’s principal litigator, employing his expertise as a seasoned trial attorney while keeping great sensitivity to the emotional and psychological needs of his clients.

Fred is also a well-published writer and contributor on issues surrounding family law and related social commentaries. He authors an opinion column in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, is a featured columnist for the Huffington Post, and is often quoted by leading media outlets including The Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Daily News, The Los Angeles Business Journal, USA Today, Entertainment Tonight, E! Entertainment Television, KCBS and KCAL, among others.

A father of three, Fred’s initial interest in forming a surrogacy legal practice and consultancy was sparked by his handling of adopting proceedings for various clients. Further research into alternative parenting methods led him to surrogacy, and he was astounded by the difficulty of the process potential parents must undertake to pursue a surrogacy arrangement.

“I realized that parents considering surrogacy faced such great uncertainty, so many loose ends, such a muddled and intimidating path to parenthood,” he says. “As a parent, I imagined myself in their position, and what it would be like to face such stress and anxiety over the process alone. All of it – the lack of regulation, the difficulty of finding and connecting with a surrogate, the legal hoops to jump through – so heavily distract from the most important matter of all: preparing yourself as a parent to welcome a child with love.”

With the realization that he might be uniquely positioned to help guide parents through the surrogacy process, Fred formed Future Family Starter.

“I started to think about, hypothetically, all the work it would require of me to seek a surrogacy arrangement, despite my background in family law, and despite the network of medical contacts I had built throughout my career. Then it came to me. I have the capacity to help make a distracting, discouraging, and intimidating process manageable. I can let parents focus on becoming parents.”