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There are Many advantages to California surrogacy, whether you’re a resident of the state, live elsewhere in the U.S., or are visiting the Future Family Starter website from across the globe, you’ve made a great decision in choosing to look to California as the home for your surrogacy journey.

Legal, medical, and social advantages have helped California emerge as perhaps the best place in the world in which to arrange and carry out a surrogacy pregnancy.

In welcomed contrast to surrogacy’s legal environment in the U.S., California has served as one of the most stable and favorable states in which to execute and complete a surrogacy agreement. The state has a strong base of case law which upholds surrogacy agreements and grants legal custody to intended parents, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender parents.

Further, California is home to some of the most advanced doctors and care facilities in the world, including some of the best and brightest specialists in the fields of egg harvesting, fertilization, and implantation. When conducting a California surrogacy agreement, you can rest assured knowing that your new child will be treated with the highest standards of care.

Also, with its spirit of health, progress, and innovation, California is arguably the best place in the world to find your surrogate mother. The state boasts a culture which values a healthy lifestyle, education, and spiritual enlightenment – all qualities which support a nurturing environment for your child during the pregnancy.

Finally, though no less significantly, California embodies the progressive and forward-thinking ideals of the West, meaning you’ll enjoy an environment which supports your decision to have a child through surrogacy regardless of your nationality, sexuality, religious creed, or spiritual beliefs.

With so much at stake during a surrogacy pregnancy, it’s vital that you find a setting for your surrogacy arrangement which protects and supports you, and which helps to ensure you become the parent of a happy, healthy child.

California surrogacy provides just that.