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Depending upon your needs, egg donors might play a vital role in your journey to become a parent. While egg donation and surrogacy are two distinct processes, they often intertwine, as the gifts provided by an egg donor might be a necessary part of your surrogacy experience.

If you’re a couple facing female fertility issues, you might require the services of an egg donor to create an embryo for transfer to your gestational surrogate. Single fathers and gay male couples will use the same process – creating an embryo with the assistance of an egg donor and then transferring to the surrogate to carry the pregnancy to term.

You should be just as deliberate in selecting your egg donor as you are in selecting your surrogate. However, a key difference between the two selection processes can make your choice of an egg donor even more complex: the decision of whether to use an anonymous donor or a known one.

The choice is deeply personal for intended parents, as some wish to partner with an egg donor whom they’ve seen, met, and connected with, while others wish to deliberately create a distance so that the child feels more truly their own. Whichever you decide, Future Family Starter is ready to help link you with a healthy, qualified egg donor who’s been through a proper medical and psychological screening, and which fits your needs and desires for your child.


If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor, Future Family Starter can help guide you the different stages of the process and ensure you’re properly protected and cared for.

The egg donation process takes place in a clinic setting and we can refer you to top medical professionals in Southern California. The first step is a series of medical visits which will include physical and gynecological exams, a psychological screening, a survey of both your and your family’s medical history, and other medical tests.

Before becoming an egg donor, you’ll also meet with legal professionals to understand your rights before, during, and after the process. Future Family Starter can assist you in understanding these legal considerations. Please contact us for more details or send in an inquiry through the Prospective Egg Donor form (http://futurefamilystarter.com/main/donors/)