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Finding a surrogate mother is one of the most important steps for intended parents to ensure a successful surrogacy arrangement, as it builds the groundwork for all to come. However, it can also prove one of the most difficult steps to find the right surrogate mother.

In today’s digital age, many surrogacy agencies will try to link you with your surrogate based upon an online profile. Worse yet, many agencies will seek to connect you with a surrogate who lives out of the country to save costs. Your communication might be limited to email exchanges with the surrogate and brief status updates through the agency. To us, this isn’t good enough. Not when there’s so much at stake – not when there’s a new life involved.

We believes strongly that s surrogate mother and intended parents should meet face-to-face prior to deciding whether to move forward and certainly before entering into any legal agreement.

For intended parents, Future Family Starter can introduce you to surrogates who have been through a medical and psychological screening to ensure their rightful candidacy. Moving beyond the basic details, as there are specifics concerning medical and pregnancy history, insurance, and family health information which need to be addressed from the very beginning, intended parents should sit down, in-person, and connect in a real way with their prospective surrogate mother to determine if there’s a physical, psychological, and emotional match. We can of course facilitate an introduction and even help lead a meeting if you so desire, but the choice, without compromise, is yours to make.

And that choice goes both ways. A surrogate mother should be deliberate in choosing the parents which they serve. A face-to-face meeting gives surrogate mothers a chance to ask their own questions and state their own preferences, including the extent to which they want intended parents involved during the pregnancy.

Intended parents and surrogate mothers need to feel comfortable and committed to one another. Future Family Starter can help ensure this.