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Within the umbrella term of surrogacy, there are two different types, with eachdenotingvarying levels of relationship and involvement between the surrogate and the child. These two processes are calledtraditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy.

In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is the child’s biological mother. Sperm is introduced through artificial insemination, the mother uses her own egg, and then delivers the child herself.
In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is biologically unrelated to the child. The surrogate carries the eggs and sperm of the intended parents (or the egg and/or sperm of a previously selected and separate donor), the implantation process takes place in a medical clinic, and the surrogate delivers the child for the intended parents.

Future Family Starter works primarily in the gestational surrogacy arena. We help to match intended parents with surrogates who serve not as the biological mother of the child, but instead as gestational carriers who commit themselves to give the gift of life to a child with whom they have no genetic relation.

That’s not to downplay, however, the importance of finding a surrogate whom you trust and feel connected to. Though the gestational carrier might not be the actual biological mother of your child, she still plays a role of profound significance in bringing a new life into the world. To help ensure a healthy, happy child, we urge intended parents to treat their surrogates with as much care and respect as they would if she was the child’s biological mother. Likewise, we look for surrogates who will care for the new life throughout the pregnancy with the same level of love and nurturing as they would a child of their own.

For intended parents only interested only in traditional surrogacy, please do let us know, as we evaluate each case on a parent-by-parent basis. You can call or email us directly, or please leave special note in the Prospective Parents response form (http://futurefamilystarter.com/main/parents/).