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Even if you’ve only in the very beginning stages of considering becoming a surrogate mother, Future Family Starter commends you. By serving as a surrogate, you can help make one’s most special dream come true and bring a new life into the world which would have never existed without you. Simply exploring the possibility indicates an honorable sense of love, compassion, duty, and selflessness. But how to become a surrogate mother?

You’re likely filled with questions about how and whether to become a surrogate mother, and rightfully so. Serving as a surrogate mother is a profound commitment, and one which should not be made lightly. Of course, the decision to become a surrogate mother should not be made based solely upon your online research. The process requires too much from you for you not to sit down with professionals who can answer each and every one of your questions thoroughly. We urge you to contact us to set up a time to meet in person so we can discuss your questions in greater detail, but hope that this brief overview gives you an initial sense of the process.

Step 1: Connect with Intended Parents

Future Family Starter can help you connect with intended parents in a real way. We urge our clients to meet face-to-face with you before moving forward with an agreement, meaning that you won’t have to rely on emails and online descriptions to connect with your parents. You’ll get to meet and interact with them firsthand, and decide for yourself if you’re comfortable delivering a child for the parents.

Step 2: Legal agreement

This is where you need to be most careful and where Future Family Starter stands apart in the atmosphere we create for you as a surrogate mother. There is too much at stake in a surrogacy agreement for both intended parents and surrogates to have joint representation. You need your own, separate legal representation, and this is a cost intended parents are expected to cover in addition to your compensation. We want to form a partnership that all sides understand, feel comfortable with, and are properly protected by.

Step 3: Embryo Transfer/Implantation and Carrying Pregnancy to Term

From here, the medical procedures begin, and embryo is transferred to you to carry the child to term. You can decide for yourself how involved you wanted intended parents to be throughout the pregnancy, but we think there should be a real bond formed between parents and surrogates – one of support, trust, and care – and will encourage our clients to nurture this bond throughout the pregnancy. If not them, we will do so ourselves, to make sure you feel supported and connected during your pregnancy.