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The good news: India’s parliament has introduced new rules to help govern its large and still-growing commercial surrogacy industry, which has drawn international criticism for its stark lack of regulation.

The bad news: the new rules do little to improve the quality and consistency of care, protect Indian surrogates, or ensure the healthy pre-natal development of the new children created through surrogacy’s process.

Instead of channeling its regulatory efforts toward creating a safer, more reliable, and more equitable environment for its surrogates, India’s government has introduced a law banning foreign LGBT couples and heterosexual singles from taking part in its surrogacy industry. The rules mandate that foreign couples who use Indian surrogates must be a male-female couple that have been married for at least two years. Anyone who falls outside of that criterion is prohibited.

The new law has understandably triggered a barrage of criticism over its discriminatory nature. While such frustrations are certainly justified, intended parents who had considered pursuing surrogacy in India should see this as a blessing in disguise.

While the financial costs of conducting surrogacy in India might indeed be cheaper compared to the U.S. and many other countries, the true cost lies in the industry’s often horrid treatment of its surrogates, rules preventing parent interaction, and the dangerous and desperate environment in which your child will be brought to term. There’s too much at stake in surrogacy for financial cost to be the deciding factor. Remember, this is more than just your life; it’s the life of your new child as well.

India’s new surrogacy rules also highlight a real threat facing both LGBT parents and heterosexual singles: unless you take active measures to protect yourself, there’s a significant chance that you’ll face skepticism or even criticism over your decision to pursue surrogacy. You need to build for yourself an environment in which everyone around you – from family members to lawyers to medical professionals and everyone in between – is supportive of your decision and ready to embrace the soon-to-be member of your family with love.

At Future Family Starter, we can help you do just that. By making California home for your surrogacy journey and partnering with us, you can take a significant step toward eliminating potential critics from your inner circle. You deserve to be judged not by your sexuality or marital status, but instead by the level of love and care with which you’ll welcome your new child.

Though prejudiced and insulting, intended parents should ultimately be thankful for the new surrogacy rules in India, as they will help steer you to a much healthier and more supportive home for your new child.