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An environment of support, trust, and care.

Though public opinion polls and favorable legislation suggest that social attitudes toward same-sex marriage and parenthood have improved in recent years, Future Family Starter recognizes that such acceptance is by no means universal.

Gay and Lesbian Couple Surrogacy

As part of its founding ethos, Future Family Starter offers its full, unreserved support of LGBT individuals and couples who wish to welcome a child into their families through surrogacy. We assess prospective parents not by their sexual orientation, but instead by the level of love, care, and responsibility they will show to a new life.

And we understand the challenges you face.

Future Family Starter founder Fred Silberberg himself a gay parent, is keenly aware of the issues facing that role in today’s world.

“Despite what we may see on TV, gay parents are often looked at differently by many sectors of society, and these outside influences are not always welcoming to parents or children,” says Fred. “Having experienced this myself, I hope I can provide insight to clients that other people may not be able to provide, and a safe place to discuss these issues.”

This experience has sensitized Fred to the sense of judgment and quiet disapproval often bestowed upon LGBT parents who seek to bring a child into the world through surrogacy. When partnering with Future Family Starter, you can rest assured that you will enjoy an atmosphere of safety and encouragement throughout the entire surrogacy process from every member of our team. Fred has hand-selected a network of professionals that will offer nothing but support of your decision.

Gay and Lesbian Couple Surrogacy

Better still, this support does not end with the birth of your child.

Future Family Starter can guide and support you in dealing with those who might question your decision to pursue a surrogacy agreement. Also, as your child approaches an age of understanding, we offer counseling services on how to best share with your child that they were brought about through the miracle of surrogacy.

Through an unmatched level of support, trust, and care, Future Family Starter can serve as a true partner on perhaps the single-most important journey of your life.