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“LGBT Parenting: Navigating Surrogacy’s Path-to-Parenthood”


Future Family Starter Founder Fred Silberberg explains surrogacy’s legal structure and process to LGBT parents in an article for Echelon Magazine.

NY Times: “Gay Couples Face Pressure to Fill Cradles”


The New York Times offers an interesting exploration of the new pressures faced by some gay couples to have children.

NRP: “Ties That Bind: When Surrogate Meets Mom-to-Be”


A heartwarming story of a successful surrogacy pregnancy and a beautiful relationship between the parents and surrogate.

ABC News: “Single Men Listening to Biological Clocks and Becoming Fathers”


ABC News profiles the successful story of a New York City lawyer who become a father through a surrogacy agreement in California.

Kishwar Desai: “India’s Surrogate Mothers are Risking Their Lives and Urgently Need Protection”


Award-winning writer Kishwar Desai conducts an eye-opening investigation into the dangers presented to surrogates by predatory surrogacy agreements.

New York Times: “The Gift of Being a Gay Dad”


A moving Father’s Day piece from Marcus Mabry on the joys of being a gay parent.

Los Angeles Times: “Chinese Couples Come to U.S. to Have Children through Surrogacy”


The Los Angeles times reports on the growing trend of Chinese couples coming to the U.S. to have children through surrogacy, with California as the top destination.

NRP: “Carrying ‘Dreams’: Why Women Become Surrogates”


NRP spotlights the calling to serve felt by many surrogates.

“Military Wives and Surrogacy: Making Sure You’re Properly Protected”


Future Family Starter Founder Fred Silberberg offers his advice to U.S. military wives, who carry out a large percentage of U.S. surrogacy pregnancies each year.

ABC Video: “Military Wives Turn To Surrogacy”

ABC and Glamour Magazine report on growing use of surrogacy by military wives.

The Adovocate: “American Psychological Association Says Gay Parents Just as Good as Straight Counterparts”


In a response to a study questioning the effectiveness of gay parenting, the APA issued a statement declaring that the “adjustment, development, and psychological well-being of children are unrelated to parental sexual orientation and that the children of lesbian and gay parents are as likely as those of heterosexual parents to flourish.”

How to Talk to Your Children About Gay Parents, By a Gay Parent


An insightful look at suggested tips and approaches for LGBT parents to communicate with their children about gay parenting itself.

Fred Silberbeg: Theresa Erickson’s Surrogacy Scheme Should Have Been Avoided


A Huffington Post column from Future Family Starter Founder Fred Silberberg explains how a properly structured surrogacy agreement would have helped to stop Theresa Erickson’s surrogacy scheme before it even started.

PBS Video: “Wombs For Rent?”

A PBS feature detailing how surrogacy’s patchwork legal structure in the U.S. leaves both surrogate mothers and intended parents vulnerable to fraud.

Lucky Magazine: “Big Banks Theory”

Actress Elizabeth Banks discusses her gratitude toward her and her husband’s surrogate mother.

Zee News: “Indian Surrogacy Brings Twin Delights to Oz Couple”

An Australian couple share their joy of receiving twin baby girls through a surrogacy arrangement.

Bio News: “No Negative Impact For Surrogate’s Own Children”

A recent study from the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Family Research concludes that serving as a surrogate mother does not negatively affect the psychological well-being of the surrogate’s own children.

Deccan Herald: “Counseling Surrogate Moms To Give Up Their Babies”

A story from India spotlighting the emotional difficulty some surrogate mothers face in giving up their babies, and underscoring the need for a sound legal agreement from the beginning.

Law Times: “Loopholes in Law Spark Rise in Illegal Surrogacy Deals”

A discussion of the ways in which Canada’s top court ban of surrogacy agreements has triggered illegal surrogate activity throughout the country.

USA Today: “Robert De Niro, Wife Welcome Baby Daughter Via Surrogate”

Actor Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower have a second child born by a surrogate mother.

IrishTimes.com: “When Surrogacy Goes Right: One Irish Couple’s Experience in the U.S.”

An encouraging story of one Irish couple’s surrogacy experience.

U.K. Daily Mail: “Surrogate Mother Hit With Medical Bill After Parents Flee U.S. with Baby Twins – And Money They Promised To Pay Her”

Story of a Colorado surrogate mother which highlights the need for proper legal counsel and a clear legal agreement in surrogacy proceedings.

Canadian Press: “Same-Sex Couple Can Take Surrogate’s Name Off Birth Certificate”

A same-sex couple in Canada won the right to remove the name of the surrogate mother from their child’s birth certificate.