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The surrogacy process challenges and distracts at a time when parents should focus on one thing and one thing only: preparing to welcome a child into the world with love, warmth, and care.

Our Surrogacy Services will help guide you through surrogacy’s path to parenthood, Future Family Starter will free you from the stress and distraction of surrogacy’s processes, and give you the time, energy, and confidence you need to properly welcome a new child into your family.

From the very beginning to the very end, and at every step along the way, Future Family Starter will be at your side.

Future Family Starter Services

Connecting You with a Surrogate or Donor

We will you help to find and connect with a surrogate or egg donor. For parents seeking a surrogate, we will help you to connect with one who has been through both a medical and psychological screening to ensure their rightful candidacy.

We will introduce you to potential surrogates or egg donors and allow you to engage in a real and meaningful way. You will then assess and decide for yourself if there is a physical, psychological, and emotional match.

Legal Counsel

When ready, we will initiate and manage the necessary legal proceedings to enter into a surrogacy arrangement, including the drafting, negotiation, and execution of a contractual agreement – one which protects you and your child, which you understand thoroughly, and which creates a sound framework to move forward.

We will also file the legal documents and handle the necessary court hearing to obtain a legal determination of your status as the child’s parent. If desired, we will obtain corrected birth certificates.

Selecting Medical Professionals

Once an agreement has been reached, the fertilization and implantation processes begin. If you wish, we will refer you to specialized physicians who are leaders in egg harvesting, fertilization, and implantation techniques.

Financial Management

Very often, surrogacy agreements specify progress payments to be made to the surrogates as the pregnancy proceeds. If you wish, we will arrange for an escrow company to ensure proper and timely payments, or we can handle them from our trust account.

Supervising Your Surrogate

We will work to monitor your surrogate, making certain that they are abiding by all agreed-upon terms, keeping all medical appointments, and will notify you of opportunities to attend meetings with your surrogate and medical professionals.