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For intended parents, surrogacy agencies provide a tremendous resource to help make the process more manageable and free you from the stress and distraction of surrogacy’s complexities. For surrogates, a surrogacy agency offers a vehicle of support, protection, and assurance, and helps you find the right parents to serve.

At least such is the case in an ideal setting.

Surrogacy is rife with schemes and fraud and you need to use the utmost care and deliberation when deciding which surrogacy agency to partner with.

Some surrogacy agencies will prevent intended parents from meeting surrogates, insisting that it’s best if they handle the process themselves, not disclosing that the surrogate they use might be on the other side of the globe. Others might try to force surrogates into accepting joint legal representation and manipulate agreements so that surrogates wave nearly all their rights, often unwittingly. Still others might try to capitalize upon risky insurance loopholes and transfer financial risk to the surrogates to offer their clients, the intended parents, a more competitive fee for the surrogate’s compensation.

Such tactics are reflective of the reality that surrogacy has become something of a commercial industry in the U.S. and throughout the globe. Today, it’s not just a new life that’s being created, but instead associated revenue and profits. This business motive has led some surrogacy agencies to cut corners, rush the process, or otherwise jeopardize the health of the new child with the tradeoff of greater returns and client volume.

When partnering with Future Family Starter, you’ll enjoy a surrogacy agency which is committed to arranging surrogacy agreements which best promote the birth of a happy, healthy child. We work deliberately to foster an environment of love, trust, and care for the new life, upholding lofty standards and principles for the nature of the relationshipbetween surrogates and intended parents. When choosing Future Family Starter, you’re not choosing a surrogacy agency to serve strictly as a facilitator or business negotiator, but instead a partner which can guide you along every step of surrogacy’s process to help you realize your dreams of parenthood.