future family starter


Future Family Starter respects and honors the sacred, essential role surrogate mother play in the creation of a new life, and insists its clients do the same as intended parents.

Too often times, surrogates are treated as mere pawns in a larger business transaction. As part of its founding ethos, Future Family Starter recognizes surrogate mothers as a vital part of surrogacy’s miracle, and requires its clients to treat surrogates with the care, respect, and gratitude they deserve.

A surrogacy arrangement is not a simple commercial relationship. Surrogates and intended parents are not merely trading services and compensation to create a product. To view surrogacy simply as a business deal is to rob the process of its sanctity, and hinders our efforts to do what’s most important of all:create a nurturing environment of trust and care to bring a new child into the world that is happy, healthy, and loved.

We champion a strong, healthy relationship between surrogates and intended parents, and do our best to create the framework for such a relationship right from the beginning.

First and foremost, we urge our intended parents to meet face-to-face with prospective surrogates, and decide for themselves if there is a physical, psychological, and emotional match.

Consistent with this, we arrange our surrogacy pregnancies close to home – not outsourced to foreign countries to save money. Intended parents need to be able to communicate with, trust, and support their surrogate mothers, not merely ship off an embryo and fly across international borders to retrieve a child nine months later.

Also, we insist that surrogate mothers have their own, separate legal representation. Future Family Starter represents intended parents, not surrogate mothers. Future Family Starter never tries to force surrogates into an agreement which they don’t understand, which exploits them, or which tries to undermine the role they play to potentially save money for its clients.We’re not looking to engage in predatory or manipulative legal agreements. We want to form a partnership that all sides understand, feel comfortable with, and are properly protected by. This means separate legal representation, which is a cost intended parents are expected to pay.

Future Family Starter is steadfast in these principles and seeks clients who feel the same. We want to build a relationship between surrogates and intended parents that is in the best interests of all involved, including, most significantly, the new life we’re all partnering together to create.